Ladder Drill 8/16/11

Safe transport of equipment up ladders





Extracation Drill October 26th 2010


Water Drill with Cooperstown 9/8/10

Fly Creek drawing water from the lake, pumping it up Fair Street to Cooperstown's aerial truck on Main Street

Fly Creek at Otsego Lake


                                                   Pumping water up Fair Street             Cooperstown   at Fair and Main St                                                                                                 



Water Drill 9/1/ 2010

Checking the hose for leaks on Allison Road


  Chain saw drill to clean up the Fly Creek Cemetery after a storm 3/17/2010



Training and Drills

 May 2010

May 11 Water pumping drill, Fly Creek Valley

May 18th Mandatory OSHA Training for all personnel 3rd tuesday April-October

April 2010

Mandatory OSHA Training for all personnel

April - October

3rd Tuesday of each month


Annual OSHA fire and EMS mandatory training will consist of the following (minimum time allotted):

General Hazard Recognition                                                             30 minutes

Station Safety                                                                                     30 minutes

Response Safety                                                                                 45 minutes

Scene Safety                                                                                        75 minutes

Protective Clothing                                                                            60 minutes

Respiratory Program/SCBA                                                              120 minutes

Tools and Equipment Safety                                                              60 minutes

Blood Born Pathogens                                                                       60 minutes

TB Infection Control Program                                                           60 minutes

Right to Know                                                                                    30 minutes

Hazardous Materials Awareness                                                        60 minutes

Confined Space Awareness                                                                60 minutes

Additional training for various positions and qualifications for apparatus operators are outlined in department policies and standard operating procedures.

March 2010

March 14th 9AM drill

at the fire hall rain or shine, training on ladders, chainsaws and driving safety

March 17th 6:30 PM drill/community service

Chain saw use, safety and practice at the Fly Creek Cemetery

cutting up trees downed by recent wind storms


Thursday March 25, 2010 6:30PM

At the Gilbertsville station   

“Hybrid Vehicles” Safety First!

We will be learning how to approach a hybrid vehicle at a scene of a fire or accident; we will learn the correct parts of a hybrid car and location. A Toyota Hybrid car expert will be on hand to talk to us and bring us a hybrid car to look at. Also on hand will be a tow truck driver to tell us about his experiences with the vehicles and how he handles them.

           Refreshments will be served.