9-11 Hero Run 2016

photos by Pat Gambitta






Hero Run 9/11/15









Keating Road Fire


Snowmobile Fire



Ainslie Rd fire December 7, 2014



Fly Creek Valley Fire

lightning strike

July 3, 2014

Fly Creek Fire St Hwy 28 Hamlet

March 2014










Feb 20, 2014

Mutual Aid to Hartwick

structure fire



Dry Hydrant #1 May 2012

Robert and Maureen Moglia property on Bed Bug Hill Fly Creek

Dry hydrants are being put in around the Fly Creek Fire District to

expedite access to water in the event of fire.




1998 Pierce Pumper Rescue Truck

arrived at the Fly Creek Fire House 2/11/12 to a rousing welcome!




Open House for the residents of Fly Creek Sunday August 7th, 2011

to celebrate the ambulance transport and new EMS squad


    Presentation of a Citation for the Fly Creek Fire Company

                    from the NYS Senate by Senator Seward                 

    Chief Thayer Rick Kelly and Senator Seward


             Rick Kelly     Senator Seward                             Rick Kelly     Senator Seward             Rick Kelly, Matt Lionetti, Senator Seward, Patti Schultz



              Senator Seward, Jim Wolff, Matt Lionetti, Rich Carr              Chief Thayer, Bennett Sandler, Rich Carr                          

                   Fire Company and EMS Squad members with Senator Seward


                   John Phillips, Senator Seward, Chief Thayer, EMS Capt. Rick Kelly, Patti Schultz, Matt Lionetti                         

  George Hymas, Jim Wolff, Rich Carr



The star of the show!                                                    Visitors                                  



          Open House visitors               



Bev Hargrove of the Cooperstown squad has been most                          Patti Schultz, Fred Lemister, Jim Wolff

supportive in providing ALS support to our squad                                      Fred has trained all of our EMT's



        Chief Thayer, Bonnie Kaido of the Cooperstown Squad, Butch Jones                       Jim Wolff, Joe Middleton and Joellen Middleton

         (retired OC1) Bonnie and Butch have encouraged us every step of the way!          Joe, (VP MIB Hosp) has helped us throughout the CON process


                                                                                        Jim Atwell, local author, loyal friend and chaplain to the Fire Company


Kevin Ritton OC1 and Matt Lionetti                                                   Chief Thayer and Bobby O'Brien OC2

Kevin is the "answer man" and supportive of all fire service.                        Bobby is always there with ideas when we have questions!


Open House visitors


Open House visitors


Open House visitors


Open House visitors






Live Burn Drill

Pictures taken at a live burn at the Otsego County Fire Facility in March 2010. About 10 Fly Creek FF's participated with three trucks. Lots of learning and practice took place and the firemen got to see the varying levels to the fire (cool at floor, hot near the top). Drill showed low visibility, lack of communications and how to overcome with hand signals, proper use of tools and fire hoses/nozzles. Also did some search and rescue drills as well.


The Fly Creek Fire Company at

Memorial Day parade in Cooperstown 2009

Veteran's Ceremony

Memorial Day 2009 Fly Creek

Water drill with Schuyler Lake F.D. and Cooperstown F.D.

October 2009