Fly Creek Provides Mutual Aid to Edmeston FD at Structure Fire in Burlington February 2012



March 19, 2011 Car Fire on Rt 28


January 14th structure fire at the Dr. Charles Deichman home in Fly Creek Valley

Thank you letter from Dr. and Mrs Deichman

Charles B. Deichman
1409 Co. Hwy 26
Fly Creek NY

Mr. Michael Thayer
Fly Creek Fire Department

Dear Mike,

Thanks to you and your crew, as well as the support of Cooperstown, Hartwick, and Schuyler Lake we are living in our house and not in a motel.
It was especially difficult considering the time of day, the fact that many members of the Fire crew were out plowing (you included), and your having to get our driveway plowed before the trucks could come up. And you did it all via the radio on your way back to the garage.
As you know, we were less than fifteen minutes from losing the structure. As it is, we have only three rooms which aren't livable; the remaining rooms are smelly but intact. All this is a result of the increasing expertise of the department.
A knowledgeable fire expert who was there told me a day later, that your Department has come a very long way in the last several years; that a couple of years ago our building would have been a total loss.
As important as anything else was the behavior of the members of all the departments who were not actually in the smoke, including some of the women volunteers. They quickly and efficiently moved everything in the line of water damage into other rooms, covered whatever needed to be covered with tarps, and anything else I asked them to do.
Thanks also to Kevin Ritton, who gave me information and a heads up on what to expect next, not to mention Bill Hribar who led the parade up the driveway with his plow/sander.
We are truly grateful.
Charles and Lynn


Fly Creek Fire company provides mutual aid to Schuyler Lake along with Richfield Springs, West Exeter and Cooperstown

December 28, 2010

Schuyler Lake Methodist Church fire

What a sad day to see the little white historic church burn