Ambulance Transport



Please take Notice that a Public Hearing will be held on Thursday October 14, 2010 at 7:00 PM at the Holiday Inn located at 308 North Comrie Avenue (Route 30A), in Johnstown, NY. Please call Margaret Wolff at 607-547-2501 if you can attend the public hearing and we will arrange car pooling. YOUR SUPPORT IS CRITICAL.


The purpose of the Hearing is to determine if the Fly Creek Volunteer Fire Company should be granted a license by the NYS Dept. of Health to transport patients requiring Emergency Medical Services. Currently, the Fly Creek Fire Company provides basic Emergency Medical Services but the license to transport patients is held by the Cooperstown Emergency Squad.


Fly Creek has a dedicated group of EMT and CFR members, many of whom are retired or are self employed and working in our area, and are available to answer emergency calls while our neighbors are working out of the area.  Fly Creek can provide both trained personnel and quick response to transport our patients with our own ambulance.


The Fly Creek Volunteer Fire Company has a modern 4-wheel drive Horton ambulance currently in use by our First Responder Unit and we have the trained volunteer personnel who desire to provide ambulance transport service to our community. In the event you or a family member need to be transported to the hospital, we can guarantee to get you there more quickly because we are your neighbors, we are close by and we are here to serve you.


We need your support. Please contact us and let us know if you will be able to attend the Public Hearing. We will arrange transportation. YOUR SUPPORT IS CRITICAL.